It's been about a month since my Goodwill shopping spree, but I thought it would be fun to post some photos of the shoes that I brought home. Since my feet are so large (approx. size 11) it's a bit difficult for me to find cute shoes. These silver ones are too small, but I suffer through, in the interest of beauty. I just love the retro look of these, as well as the perfect silver rhinestone buckles. Very cute with a pair of skinny jeans.


The second pair is also a tad small, but again............beauty prevails. The teal blue is like eye candy for me and I just love the scalloped edges and tiny bows. I am still looking for the right time to wear these, as well as the right outfit. In this weather my poor little toes would freeze if I wore them out.

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S.L.North said...

These are such cute shoes.
It's sad when the only ones that they have are a size too small.