Well, today was a somewhat long and uninspired one. I didn't take a nap after church (as I normally do), but sipped on a wonderful Monster drink instead. It kept me awake, but I still didn't gain any inspiration for the dress I'm currently sewing. It's a "look alike" dress to match another that this particular customer already owns. It's not as if it's difficult to make.........just boring. *ho-hum*

I am counting down the days (though not literally) until I am finished with this dress and can take a week off. Which I badly, BADLY need. I've decided to make a list of the things I plan to do during that glorious week. I may know that it's impossible to finish my list before the week is over....................but that doesn't stop me from trying before I have to get back to the custom orders. Love them, but hate them. *sigh*

*Week Off List*

1. Make healthy biscotti
2. Drink hot tea while eating healthy biscotti
3. Finish my felt hat and embellish it
4. Make a purse to match said felt hat
5. Work on some clothing for myself
6. Make bank deposit wallet
7. Finish knitting fingerless gloves
8. Cook up something wonderful to eat
9. Watch lots of my PBS Create channel; Lydia's Italy, the European traveling show, and other lovely art/craft episodes.
10. Watch Word Girl with my sisters. Love that Dr. Two Brains! ;-)
11. Go shopping?
12. Make earrings and list them on Etsy.
13. Make other projects for Etsy. Hopefully some fabric flowers. Yummy.
14. Update my poor, lonely blog.
15. Watch Lost

I guess that about does it for now. I'm sure I'll be back to add to it after a while. And how many of these things will I actually be able to check off? Most likely...........not much. lol I tend to be lazy when I have time off. Again, *ho-hum*

More later.............

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