I spent a couple of hours ripping the seams out of this cute blouse last night. It's getting a little old and I thought, "hey, why not use it to make MORE cute tops?". I have some retro, green floral cotton that I'd like to use for the first one. Maybe I'll get around to it this week. Who knows? But I'm adding it to my list of things to do. Like I need one more thing...................

This top has such cute little cuffs with a button closure. I should have photographed them, but you get the idea.

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S.L.North said...

I like to use garments that fit really well to make patterns.
I did that with my dress project today. I find that it tend to work better than using a pattern.
If I use a pattern then I usually make lots of tweaks. It usually helps to make a muslin, and then the final product, which I usually strive to do if the material is pricey.
Whew, that probably takes the cake as my longest comment ever. :D