I've been smitten! My mom brought a Ladies Home Journal catalog home from my Grandma's house today. It's a 1911 edition and filled with so many wonderful things, that I can barely take the time to describe them. As I am fairly new to the consuming love of all things vintage, this is the first time I have really looked through a magazine like this before. Sure, I have a couple of old Sears & Roebuck catalogs, but nothing like this. I am drooling over the color pictures of romantic women's dresses, large and beautiful hats covered in flowers and scarves, as well as the sweet menus and recipes for an old fashioned tea party. I am in utter bliss at this moment. *sigh*
I plan to post photos of my favorite pages later on..........when I get a chance and my sewing projects have slowed down a bit. But for now, I've included a link to a list of predictions from Ladies Home Journal. I don't own this copy, but I found the predictions online. I hope you enjoy these, as there are some really hysterical, and at times true, predictions here. http://www.yorktownhistory.org/homepages/1900_predictions.htm

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