Scotatto --- Etsian of the Week

Now here is a unique, eclectic set! I just love these designs by Etsian Scotatto........all handmade of leather and other materials. Yes, even the shoes (scroll down). There were so many darling items in her shoppe that I had a VERY hard time choosing which ones to showcase here. So be sure to stop by check them out for yourself!

What a neat, chunky diary cover! I love the old-fashioned phone, stripes and calming color tones. *sigh*

I love glasses necklaces, but have never seen one with eyes........until now!

Shoes with a Turkish flare!

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Telephone Brooch
This is the first item I saw from her drew me right in.

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You know me and owls............ :)

She has some great photos, too..........

This diary cover reminds me of a circus......a theme that I'm really fascinated with right now.

This reminds me of my sister, Amanda. Hahaha! I love it.


Anonymous said...

These are so unique because of the leather--and they look absolutely fantastic! I think my favorite is the diary cover...but the shoes are calling my name as well...haha!

2SewRetro said...

Which one?

Just Curious

Wide-EyedandMystified said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Turkish shoes!!!!!!!!!!