I started a new project about two weeks ago, working to get it done for my baby sister's birthday. She just turned 13...........I can't believe she's so old! Her favorite musician EVER is Phil Keaggy, a Christian singer and guitar player (a fabulous one). He's been around for a long time and we used to listen to him while I was growing up, but just recently Alayna has become infatuated with him. So I decided to make her a Phil Keaggy tote bag. It's the fist time I've tried making one of these, and I used a new product called Bubble Jet Set 2000, so that I could print photos directly onto my fabric. It worked great! So, here are a few pics of the project in steps. Like I said, I've never made a tote bag before and it was a figure-it-out-as-you-go-along type of thing. I do think it turned out really nice though. Enjoy the photos!

One of the printed (and washed) sheets of fabric

All of the printed fabric pieces, cut and ready to sew

The two patterned rectangles on either side of the center photo, are actually pockets.

Front of bag and bag lining (with pocket)

Back of bag and bag lining

(The clock fabric used for the back of the bag and other accents,
stands for one of Alayna's favorite songs: "Tme".)

The bag and lining are sewn together at this point, and waiting for the band to be sewn to the top.

Unsewn bag handles
Inside of the finished tote bag

The finished product!

I think she likes it!

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