I recently had a few inches cut off my hair, but now it seems really flat and I hate the way that it looks. So........I've been searching the Internet and magazines to find the perfect bob cut that might lay a little better. It's tricky to find the right style for my face shape, as it's kind of long and round, with a large nose. Hhhhmmmm..............I wish there was an awesome stylist nearby who could tell me JUST what kind of cut I need. But for now I'll amuse myself with photos that I've found online. Of course some of these styles require curly hair (which I do not possess), most of them do not sport bangs (I do), and I have NO IDEA if my hair would ever look like any of these photos, even if I got the same cut. If only I could turn my arm backwards and make my hair grow out again, just like the doll I had as a kid. Now that would be convenient. :-D If I got the wrong style.......*crank the arm backwards* and I could start all over again! Okay, ignore this weird babbling and just move on to the pictures............

Katie Holmes (now this is one of my favorites.........but it looks like too much upkeep)

Jessica Alba

Cute Asian haircut

Victoria Beckham

I like how her hair tapers down from back to front

Another darling Asian cut. They are so cute!

While I don't really like the way this cut is styled, I do think the short layers are cute.

Katie Holmes (A little too flat, but I like the length and bangs)

I love this style!


Here's a cute option, just add some shorter bangs across her forehead

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