Perfect Breakfast

I made myself an omelet..........yummy. I love omelets, but only if they're done right. To me, that means sauteing chopped green pepper, mushroom, turkey lunch meat and a minuscule amount of onion in a skillet with butter. Then pour two beaten eggs over the top and add salt and pepper. I turn the heat down to low and put a lid on top so that everything gets evenly cooked. I've learned that this is the secret to a perfect omelet {at least my idea of one}. Once it's cooked through, I add little daubs of cream cheese in various places and roll the omelet up. I paired this one with a sliced kiwi and English muffin. I wish I could eat this right now!

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Megan Joy said...

Mmmmmm fantastic tips!

2SewRetro said...

Thanks! I'm hungry for one right now, but it's no use because I'm at work. ;-)