Inspirational - Portrait of an Artist from Etsy

My favorite design from Riordan's current line
Here's a new video that I found on Etsy today. I love the world of fashion and designers, so a little peek into this Etsian's line really intrigued me. I wish that I had the patience to draft adult sized patterns. I used to do it for my Kinder Cottage line for dolls, which were about the same size as a young child's clothing would be. But drafting patterns for full size people seems too monotonous......maybe someday I'll change my mind. I love the idea of every other process...... except made-to-order. I much prefer people to buy what I already have. Unless I'm able to make orders for different types of things. If I stick too much to one type of art, I get bored. why do I have to be so finicky? ;-)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the life of an independent fashion designer. :)

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