Wow, I've been very silent in the blogging realm lately. Between finishing and listing a couple of things, my regular work schedule at a local boutique, shopping in the city for my sister's b-day, trying out some new items for the shoppe, and just plain laziness............I have not made the time that I should. I apologize to any regular readers. But I promise to try and do better this week!

For lack of anything prepared, I am going to showcase a really neat idea that my friend, Sasha from thegildedbee, just posted on her blog.
{I know, I know...........I'm such a cheater}

Here are a few photos of Sasha's homeade, vintage bookcover postcards. Click here to see how she did it. :)


ArtifexNorth said...

You're not the only silent blog lately. Hardly any blogs I follow have been being updated, but tonight there was a FLOOD of new posts. So I am working on one too, since it's been awhile for me as well. I really liked Sasha's book cover postcards too. At first I kind of balked at the idea of destroying a book, but the alternative is pitching out a perfectly good book that no one wants, so why not be creative with it? I saw some art pieces on a site a few days ago that really destroyed books, but they used the whole thing to turn into sculptures, and they were actually pretty impressive, so I'm warming to the idea. I don't know that I would wreck a book myself, but I'm not opposed to the idea anymore, unless someone would still want to read it. If it's gonna be junked, I say recycle it however you want.

2SewRetro said...

I love the idea of upcycling old books, unless they are worth some money. I also feel bad if it's a classic and in good condition............but depends on what you are making with it. I bought a pattern on Etsy that uses an old book cover to make a purse. It's really neat......but I have yet to try it out. :)