Velvet Strawberries.....the finished product

Hello there! I'm finally back to blogging after my long absence, which I have no good reason for, except that I haven't been in the blogging mood. ;-) I have been productive, though. I've been busy with a new job at a local boutique, sewing a Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) dress for an old doll-collecting client, and dabbling here and there with random Etsy experiments.

My most productive Etsy experiment (so far) has been my vintage-copycat velvet strawberries (shown in my previous post). But this experiment has actually come to completion, and made it's way to my shoppe! This seems to be a rarity for me and my big ideas. ;-) So, I'd like to share a few more photos of the finished products: 6 different styles made from 4 different velvets and 3 styles of seed bead. These would be so cute hanging from a purse, made into a keychain (as my good friend Sasha suggested), adorning a hat or tied up with a sprig of velvet leaves and blossoms and attached to a brown, paper-wrapped package. The possibilities are endless, and I think, adorable!

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