3/20/09 ~*~ Featured Etsian ~*~ Necessityisthemother

This week I chose Necessityisthemother as my featured Etsian. This shop has been one of my favorites since I first started on Etsy. Every garment is made from second hand fabrics, and most feature some adorable/unique detailing. Arielle (beautiful name, too) is also being featured on Etsy's home page today, so be sure to check out her interview here!

"Sweet Anarchy Dress"
My all-time favorite............just look at those darling details!!!!

"Spring Dream Pinafore"

"Purple Wink Pinafore"
Cute, cute, cute!

"Night Bloom Pinafore"

"In My Pocket Skirt"

"Good Cook Pinafore"


S.L.North said...

I don't think I'm the type of person to pull off a pinefore, but I just love her creations anyway. :)

2SewRetro said...

I know.......they're so cute! A lot of them are high waisted, though, and that would make me look like I'm ALL legs! Boo-hoo.