Homemade Christmas

Here are the Holiday ornaments that I've been making to decorate the archway between our kitchen and dining room. They are all completely made from scratch, using cardboard, velvet and Victorian clipart found on the internet. I've also incorporated some clear glitter and gold thread.

6 Velvet backed ornaments with glitter edging:

Shown front and back:

Two-sided ornaments with cardboard sandwiched between the layers:

Handmade velvet leaves: I glued various colors of velvet to the backs of store- bought fabric leaves. Press hard to get the indentation of the stem and veins. Then set a heavy book on top until dry. I think they turned out beautifully, and for a much more reasonable price than velvet leaves from the store.

More velvet backed ornaments. The same ornamet, shown front and back. Also shown are some small velvet leaves that I cut from a vintage roll of ribbon. The viens were made by dragging a skewer, pointed side down, across the back.

Approx. 19 yards of homemade fabric ribbon. I bought 2 yards of blue/green fabric from Walmart, and transformed it into wide ribbon by sewing long strips together and serging the sides. I never realized how much it would make, but it turns out I needed almost the entire batch to decorate my kitchen archway.

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