Vintage Table beginnings..............

Meet my childhood dining room table. I've decided to repaint and decoupage it to match the decor in our new sunroom. The table is shown here right after phase 1: sanding the legs. I made sure to wash them really well to remove any dust.............and now they are ready to paint.

Here's the table again after two coats of pinkish/salmon colored paint. We've used the same color around the top of the room. I'll show that in a later post.
Phase 2 is complete!

I covered the table legs in crackling medium for phase 3 and let it dry completely before painting over it once more in flat black paint. The first time I used satin paint and it didn't do a thing. Bummer. So.........had to wipe the paint off and re-apply my layer of crackling medium (which came off with the paint). The flat paint worked like magic. I barely had enough time to swipe it on with my paint brush before it started cracking. There are places that I am not happy with, but all in all, it turned out pretty well for my first "weathered" furniture project. Close up of table leg:
I'll add more photos as the project progresses. Next step: paint the rim around the table top.

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